Unconditional Love

A new baby is like the beginning of all things: wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

Eda J Lashan

I could not wait to meet this precious little bundle of perfection. Her mama kept me up to speed on every step of her wonderful pregnancy and birth of sweet Jané. I counted the days until I could meet her.

Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hand of God.

Larry Barretto
Proud parents

Jaco and Janke took to parenting like ducks to water. It was wonderful to see how relaxed and calm they were, which is evident in how very relaxed and happy their daughter Jané is. I would love to have spent more time with them but alas, time did not allow and unfortunately it will be a while before I get to see them all again, hopefully, sooner than later.

A baby is as pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower.

Debasish Mridha
A mother’s gentle loving touch
A father’s absolute adoration

My friend Sally

It’s the strangest and most fun thing, reconnecting with a junior school friend who in my mind’s eye is still a pre-teen. Then I got to meet her children who are around the age we last saw each other.

I enjoyed the happiest fun day with Sally. We nattered and laughed non stop catching up on a lifetime of stories. I do believe there were a few we never got to finish or even start.

There was some adulting required on our part as we were doing a personal branding and family session. We dedicated the morning to business and the afternoon for the family session.

Proud mama and her youngins
Sibling love

It’s sad when we live so far away from each other – across the oceans in fact so it was wonderful to have our diaries align with each other. Hopefully, it won’t be another lifetime before we see each other again.

The Darné Family

“The memories we make with
our family is everything”

candance cameron bure
Family love is infinite

I was really looking forward to meeting and working with the lovely Darné family after having to postpone their family photo session due to weather. Fast forward a couple of weeks and bam, mother-nature threw heavy winds our way anyway! No matter, we worked with it.

“Rejoice with your family
in the beautiful land of life”

Albert einstein

Wind and long hair aren’t the best of friends so it was quite the challenge to photograph sweet Bella and her younger sister Brooke without getting their hair over their faces; so nicely tucked in between mom and dad did the trick.

The sisters were so willing and enthusiastic to participate which makes all the difference for happy shots. All too often little ones don’t want to pose and have their photo taken.

Using the wall and stairs for protection from the wind was a welcome reprieve.

I look forward to working with this sweet family again, hopefully we will be able to book a windless day. ❤

The Moore Family – part 2

It was wonderful to spend more time with the lovely Moore family and to meet sweet baby Caleb who could not be a more loved addition to this happy family. ❤

Caleb is so relaxed and chilled, which clearly runs in the family and his older siblings are such happy youngins which they obviously get from both their mommy and daddy. It’s so nice to see the connection between this young family, they are a shining example of what family is about.

The Moore Family – part 1

Some shoots are more fun than others and the family/maternity shoot I did with the wonderful and happy Moore family certainly ranks top of the list of fun shoots.

I had such a great time taking these pics, I could easily have spent the whole day with them.

The love this family radiates is palpable – I can’t wait to meet the new edition who is due very soon. ❤