Studio Time

Not sure what has taken so long to convert (albeit small) a spare room into a studio at home – best fun decision in a long time.

Sadly the third wave of Covid is rife in South Africa at the moment so booking regular shoots will have to take a back seat for a while but I will thoroughly enjoy using the space as much as I can in the interim.

Corporate Portraiture with Amelia

Those in the know, the proverbial “THEY” say, you should updated your headshot every 2 years, and or if you change position, hairstyle, brand, grow or shave a beard, or have a dramatic change in appearance, be it in weight or aesthetics.

All I know is, it was a fun and happy time with the lovely Amelia taking her photos for updated website images.

Also, gone are the days of only having headshots in black and white and how wonderful to be able to share them electronically versus having to print them out.